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Why is Indira IVF the Best Sperm Donation Centre in India?

Organized sperm donation programs at Indira IVF have helped many couples build a family and live their dream of parenthood.

Why choose us?

  • Indira IVF is the leading fertility clinic in India, with highly advanced & world-class facilities to preserve & store donated sperm.
  • Our experienced fertility specialists & supportive staff help the patient resolve all their doubts, providing the most suitable treatment plan and keeping the entire process transparent.
  • The comprehensive donor screening procedures in Indira IVF sperm donation program ensure that the sperm undergoes all the essential medical tests to keep the baby free from any possible genetic conditions & diseases. This information helps couples make an informed decision before choosing a sperm donor. 
  • Indira IVF is at par with medical standards and is a certified chain of fertility clinics. 
  • The medical experts at Indira IVF understand the legal, psychological, and emotional factors associated with sperm donation and help the donor & receiver make informed choices.

Indira IVF sperm donation programs have successfully helped many couples become parents who are struggling to conceive biologically. We have brought hope and smiles into the lives of many couples who are struggling to become parents.

Tools to help you plan better

Get quick understanding of your fertility cycle and accordingly make a schedule to track it

Real people stories

15 yrs after marriage this couple from Nanded got first time IVF success at Indira IVF Pune

6 yrs after marriage this couple is blessed with a baby from Indira IVF

20yrs after marriage this couple from Sangali is blessed with a baby from Indira IVF Pune

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