Coconut water is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is one of the most refreshing natural drinks in the world & is also known to have a great number of health benefits. Choosing a suitable coconut is important for getting the benefits of coconut water during pregnancy.

The right way to consume coconut water in pregnancy!

The most preferred coconut type is the medium sized green coconut which contains more water and may or may not contain the white, fleshy and tender substance. Store the coconut in a cool place. It is advisable to open the coconut just before consuming it, as it begins to ferment in the open air. For the right nutrients and minerals, the most recommended drink is coconut water in pregnancy.


The list of benefits of coconut water during pregnancy-

1. Checks the uric acid level-

Coconut water is a natural diuretic as it contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals. It helps eliminate toxic substances present in the body, including uric acid. It also appears to be effective in removing kidney stones . The antidiuretic effects of coconut water in IVF helps in preventing urinary tract infections.

uric acid level test

2. Provides essential minerals-

Coconut water is rich in sodium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. The loss of water from the body in the form of morning sickness and diarrhea can be compensated by drinking coconut water & eating coconut during pregnancy.

3. Improves digestive health-

Coconut water in IVF helps in improving digestion and in regulating pH. Specifically, it helps in normalizing the body’s pH and prevent heartburn. Coconut water also prevents indigestion and gastric reflux, making it an effective option for heartburn.

It is a monoglyceride which helps in eliminating intestinal worms. In pregnant women, constipation is a common problem due to slow bowel movements where healthy benefits of coconut water can aid digestion thanks to its high fiber content.

Coconut water benefits in digestion

4. Blood Pressure

Drinking coconut water & eating coconut during pregnancy appears to be an effective agent in controlling blood pressure due to the presence of electrolytes. It improves blood circulation which is good for both mother and the baby.

Women are often afraid to work during IVF treatment, which increases their blood pressure. Drinking coconut water may be of benefit in those patients. It also appears to be helpful in controlling both good and bad cholesterol.

Benefits of eating a coconut

5. Maintains an ideal weight-

Pregnant women often tend to eat more with the expectation that it will be healthy for both mother and the baby. During this process, they end up eating more and become obese. The healthy benefits of coconut water are that, it is fat-free, low in calories & rich in nutrients that help the healthy growth of infants.

It can be consumed in place of sugary drinks as a nutritional supplement. Also, it does not contain cholesterol and stimulates the metabolism

Ideal weight for a pregnant women

6. An Excellent Energizer & Low in sugar-

It is an excellent energizer that provides essential minerals and nutrients. It also helps to eliminate fatigue and exhaustion. People who do yoga and exercise can take coconut water as a conditioning drink.

There are many benefits of coconut water, especially for the mothers who have gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). Also, it does not contain any sugars and is tasty to drink. Consuming sugary drinks or fresh juice increases blood sugar and weight during pregnancy. A diet low in calories and sugar is good for the health of mother and the fetus.

health benefits of coconut water

7. Amniotic fluid and fetal growth-

As it is rich in minerals and nutrients, eating coconut during pregnancy improves the quality of amniotic fluid. It provides adequate nutrition to the fetus and helps in its growth and development. It also increases blood volume, maintains amniotic fluid volume and fetal circulation.

The benefits of coconut water for amniotic fluid during pregnancy are the greatest during the third trimester. It provides the proper nourishment to the growing fetus with essential elements.

amniotic fluid and fetal growth

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