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When Should Couple Go For an IVF? Here is a list of most common conditions when IVF is truly needed for a couple.

Nowadays, many couples are finding difficulty in conceiving. Motherhood is a divinity that every woman desire to. The only difference between IVF and normal process is that in case of IVF, sperms and eggs are fertilized in the lab by a highly skilled embryologist followed by embryo transfer into uterus done by IVF Specialist. IVF babies are as normal as other children. Actually, it is very difficult to distinguish between IVF baby and other children.

Here is a list of most common conditions when IVF is truly needed for a couple:

1. Fallopian tubes block- There are two fallopian tubes connected to the uterus. An egg is released every month and it travels through fallopian tubes to meet the sperm naturally. When both the tubes are blocked, the possible option left is IVF. Tubes are most commonly blocked due to genital TB, past history of rapture ectopic pregnancy surgery and complete hydrosalphnix.

2. Unexplained Infertility- In cases where there are all reports are found to be normal in couple’s such cases are known as unexplained infertility. When this kind of couples are not able to conceive even after staying together for 2 or more years. And even after undergoing6-12 cycles of IUI, notable to conceive then IVF is a good option for such couples.

3. Sever Male factor – In few cases, there is marked abnormality in semen analysis like counts less than10 million/ml or motility less than 30% and defect in morphology etc. such cases are advised to go for IVF treatment increase the success rate of pregnancy.

4. Low AMH- Sometimes, due to career commitments or other family issues, there is a delay in planning a pregnancy. With increase in female partner age ovarian egg reserve has declined to such a low level that there is difficulty in achieving pregnancy naturally. To know the ovarian reserve we advice female partner of 30- 35yrs or more get a blood test done for AMH. It tells us about egg reserve in one’s ovaries. When AMH <1 ng/ ml, it is advisable to go for IVF immediately else we may have to go for the option of donor eggs. Even though AMH < 1ng/ml signifies low reserve and there are chances of a poor ovarian response, but it marks a deadline for women who want to have a baby biological of their own. There is a very narrow window of the time period before a premature ovarian insufficiency is established completely.

5. Sever endometriosis: Endometrial lesions can cause adhesions (sticking) to form. These adhesions may pull on the reproductive organs, impeding their ability to function normally. Adhesions may also cause fallopian tube blockage, which can prevent the egg and sperm from meeting. And also may have poor egg quality ovarian cysts. Moreover, embryos from women with endometriosis develop slower than average. IVF is considered the most effective overall and provides you the best results. Depending on the circumstance, IVF may be the first treatment option for women whose; Have stage 3 or 4 endometriosis, Age over 35yr, Have multiple infertility risk factors (like Male infertility or low ovarian reserves)

6. Couple with Genetic disorder: IVF can also be used as a treatment option enabling any embryos that are created, to be tested for some abnormalities before they are transferred into the uterus (womb). In some instances, couples can be at risk of having children born with conditions such as Down’s syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis, and couple with genetic disorder using IVF with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). The incidences of these conditions can be reduced.

7. Any ovarian surgery: any surgery on the ovary it causes decrease the ovarian reserve eventually result in infertility and treatment of option in this scenario is IVF.





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