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WHAT TO DO IF IVF FAIL? visit Indira IVF Blog to get details IVF Fail, Why does IVF Fail, IVF Failure, Causes of IVF Failure.

Let’s start with basics first. What is IVF? IVF involves combining eggs and sperm outside the body in a laboratory. Once an embryo or embryos form, they are then placed in the uterine cavity.

What is IVF failure? If the transferred embryos do not implant i.e. if it doesn’t lead to clinical pregnancy then it is considered as IVF failure.

A failed IVF can unleash overwhelming emotions of couples. Before going into IVF cycle, your anticipation and excitement, hoping this is the point of starting your family and worrying at the same time whether it will work? When an IVF fails you and your partner will be emotionally depressed and even agitated about the situation, filled with anger. What went wrong in the cycle? Is it because of someone’s fault in the treatment? Should you have to give one more try? Doctors sitting in opposite seat will also be equally sad if the IVF treatment doesn’t lead to clinical pregnancy.

First question which comes in mind – Why Does IVF Fail?

Poor embryo quality: The common cause for failed cycle is usually poor embryo quality. Many embryos are not able to implant after transfer to the uterus because that embryo does not carry the ability to produce a baby. Even embryos that look good in the lab may have genetic defect or cell defects that cause them to die instead of growing. The embryo doesn’t implant because it may not be potent enough to grow.

Age of the couple: it is a misconception that just the age of wife is important. Many couples ignore the age of husband. As husband age increases after 45yrs, the quality and quantity of sperm decreases. As age increases beyond 35 years both in quantity and quality of eggs decreases. This affects the chances of successful IVF.

Chromosomal abnormalities: One of the commonest factors for failed IVF, chemical pregnancy and abortions is chromosomal abnormalities which is present inside embryo. These abnormalities are the reason behind most miscarriages [as we see in normal conceived pregnancies also] as well as failure to implant in an IVF cycle. Studies have shown that as women age crosses 30 yrs the chromosomal abnormalities rises. By the time women attain in mid-40s as much as 75% of a woman’s eggs have chromosomal abnormalities. It holds same with males also as age rises more than 40yrs, but at a much lower rate than a woman’s eggs. It’s unfair for ladies, but it’s true. So before 35yrs of age is considered as GOLDEN AGE for females to bear a child.

Poor ovarian reserve: Sometimes a woman’s ovaries don’t respond to the fertility medications and hormonal injections which are strong enough to produce multiple eggs. Especially if a woman is more than 35 yrs she may not produce enough eggs to result in a good quality embryo. Chances of failure are more in poor ovarian reserve and poor response to injections.

Uterine abnormalities: sometimes uterus shape is abnormal which hinders the implantation like thin endometrium, uterine septum, endometrial polyp, severe adenomyosis and uterine myomas.

Lifestyle: Women who smoke need twice as many IVF cycles to conceive and are much more likely for abortion than women who don’t smoke.

Overweight: Women who are overweight or underweight are less likely to have successful IVF treatment. So maintain a healthy weight as recommended by your clinician.

What to DO If IVF Fail?

Plan faster than later: couples who plan earlier have a higher chance of successful IVF cycle. For couples with average age less than 35 yrs using their own eggs and sperms, have an implantation rate of about 75-80 percent. Couples with age group more than 40 yrs of age have 10-15% chances of successful pregnancy.

Opt for a donor: If your age is more than 37 years, chances of successful ivf can be increased by opting for donor gametocytes ( egg or sperm) which are donated by young donors with normal family background. The success rates with IVF are nearly the same as those of younger women.

Pre-implantation genetic screening: If you’ve had a failed IVF cycle, your fertility specialist may recommend PGS, for your next IVF cycle. PGS tests few cells taken from each embryo, to determine if the correct number of chromosomes is present. The Fertility Doctors Skills and IVF Lab Quality is a science but also an art to determine the genes in an unborn human race. Sometimes both couple genetic testing is also done to rule out any kind of chromosomal abnormality in failed IVF.

ERA – endometrial receptivity analysis test: Even after good endometrial growth, the receptivity is important which can be assessed by which helps in determining exact timing of successful implantation.

Live healthy and eat healthy: Punch points in this regard are- healthy diet, avoid junk foods, avoid extreme pollution, avoid smoking, avoid alcohol, maintain healthy working environment around, avoid working in extreme hot temperature places especially for husbands.

If you are overweight, losing at least 10% of your body weight can make a positive difference in your ability to get pregnant. Couples are advised to stop smoking and avoid alcohol at least three months before starting IVF treatment.

Are you ready to Start Your Family?
If you’re ready for IVF treatment or for couples who have failed IVF attempts done outside previously, Indira IVF hospitals have state of the art technology and expert medical professionals to deal with all the problems of infertility. We have a success story of more than 100000+ positive IVF pregnancies.

For any queries like -What are the success rates with women your age? Does the lab have a good reputation and experienced staff? Do you feel comfortable that your doctor is listening to you and is addressing your concerns?

Just walk in to your nearest Indira IVF centre and have a detailed discussion with our infertility specialists.





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