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Paradigm shift of IVF treatment in India: Dr Murdia

Amidst social taboos, Male dominance and stigmatization, there was a time in the year 1988, when people were concerned about anything but women and infertility. All who were blamed for the misfortune and infertility were women regardless of the reality of both can equally be the reason of the same and always punished the women by remarrying, isolating and even considering them ill-fated. A time when everything was biased, Dr. Ajay Murdia let go of the perks of a comfortable government job and unlike any other man of that time, named his two room clinic in the name of his wife Indira- ‘Indira IVF’, 1st ever clinic for providing services to couples suffering from infertility in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

After serving 4 significant decades of life in the field of infertility treatment and achieving many more milestones with the time being, Indira IVF was set up with immense efforts and dedication in the year 2011. With 1,40,000+ successful IVF pregnancies over the last 9 years, Dr. Ajay Murdia left no stone unturned to prove that infertility is curable and both the parents can be equally responsible.

When Indira IVF hospital sees patients craving for their own little ones, it becomes the most hurtful sight to see but at the same time, it gives immense contentment that this craving will soon turn into happiness. With over 1900 free fertility awareness campaigns under ‘Nisantanta Bharat Chodo Abhiyaan’ across India and 80 IVF centers in the country, Indira IVF is willing to reach every city and town possible. The team also provides 1:1 sessions with doctors who would guide them towards a constructive solution for their problem after patiently listening to them.

At a time, when not everyone knew the technique, the Indira IVF team set up their own institute under the name of Indira Fertility Academy to train the in-house doctors and provided them with 3 month fellowship courses in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) which led to an increase in the IVF success rate above 70% at Indira IVF clinics across the country.

When patients yearn for the assurance of quality and affordability of services, Indira IVF stand out among others and built a reliable, approachable and affordable brand with consistent innovation towards protocols, treatment options, an advanced embryology lab and technologies as advanced as specialized closed working chamber imported especially from Australia which provides the same temperature as a mother’s womb.

Walking in the path of excellence, Indira IVF is aiming even higher. The team will soon reach the target of 150 clinics till 2021 by spreading its wings in India and at the same time advancing itself towards countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South East Asia to help even more.





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