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Is IVF treatment more successful in summer? Try IVF This Summer, IVF cycles in the summer, IUI treatments in summer, successful pregnancy in IVF summer

Generally it is a misconception among people that summer season is not good for getting pregnancies and IVF treatments, but according to research, the success rate among couples who adopt IVF in summer is high. The sun rays are the best natural source of vitamin D, which increases the likelihood of the success of IVF. Usually summer is known for the presence of tanning, holidays and long sunshine, but it is also beneficial for pregnancy in the months of May, June, July and August for women suffering from infertility.

Couples believe that winter time is best for IVF pregnancy, but according to the data, the summer season is more beneficial for the development of conception and pregnancy. Vitamin D for pregnant woman is known as excellent medicines, due to this, the summer season doubles the potential for successful pregnancy in IVF. Melatonin hormone is responsible for sleep, Melatonin not only determines the nature of sleep and walking but also increases the fertility of women. This hormone activates the breeding tissue directly to increase the reproductive capacity of women in the summer season. It also means that in summer, the embryo, which develops in summer, has a few months’ time before it can face the first winter.

Women need more gonadotropin hormones during IVF treatment, which is used to trigger ovary during winter, but due to the lack of natural light in the winter compared to summer, there is no breakthrough in treatment.

Vitamin D maintains the proper level of calcium in the body. It helps in the formation of teeth and bones of the womb and increases the level of immunity until it grows higher. Women with deficiency of vitamin D are at risk of getting diabetes during pregnancy.

Women who are IVF treated with sufficient levels of vitamin D are more likely to produce high quality embryos and their chances of conceiving are doubled, studies also show that low levels of vitamin D is also responsible for infertility. It has also been found that the women who live in the sun for longer periods before starting the IVF cycle have high birth rate and the level of retention improves and the egg becomes well mature.

The women who live in sunlight for longer periods during IVF cycles in the summer are more likely to be relaxed. Stress is considered to be a major reason to increase the negative effect. In such a situation, if a woman holds positive thoughts then her chances of getting pregnant are also better. Summer season is arguably one that leaves everyone a whole lot happier, and a lot less anxious.  

As amazing as the results of IVF can be, going through a cycle can be challenging for many. Factors such as age, egg quality and lifestyle habits all serve as make-or-break roadblocks to success, something women reportedly struggle with when undergoing their own cycle. If you are considering IVF treatment and find yourself questioning whether or not to try it out this summer, we suggest to reach out to a fertility specialist near you for expert guidance.





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