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Utility & Advancement of IVF, Process of IVF Techniques, What calls for an IVF Technique? Advanced IVF Techniques, Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Advanced IVF Technology, Pregnancy Over 40 years of Age

IVF techniques

IVF is a magic word for all the couples who are unable to have their own child. Presently, over a million people are making the most of this commendable medical advancement. Now, you might be wondering what exactly an IVF Technique is. Dr Ganesh (INDIRA IVF HOSPITAL) explained, “IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is an artificial process wherein the egg from the mother and the sperm from the father are fused outside the body”.

Normally, this process occurs inside female fallopian tube. However, infertile couples are unable to complete the process of fertilization due to innumerable causes. IVF techniques are truly based on assisted reproductive technology. Advanced IVF Techniques require utmost care, experience and knowledge for the procurement of a fertilized zygote or the embryo.

Process of IVF Techniques

Now, you must be wondering how this almost impossible procedure is carried out. To begin with, the mother’s ovulatory phases are monitored using Ultrasound. The ovum or egg is taken out from the mother before it gets released in the body. Following this, the sperm is obtained from the father or the donor.

Once the fusion of the sperm and the egg is complete, a fertilized zygote is formed. This fertilized zygote further multiples to form an embryo via an embryo culture. The well-formed embryo is implanted either inside the uterus of the mother or another woman (surrogate mother).

What calls for an IVF Technique?

Dr. Deeksha tiwari (INDIRA IVF HOSPITAL) stated, “Infertility is the true reason for carrying out an advanced IVF Technique. However, the infertility might be because of a number of reasons. Any damage or anomaly inside the structures that aid in the process of fertilization can lead to infertility”.

  • Fallopian Tube Damage, the part where fertilization is occur inside the body
  • Low sperm count, if the male is suffering from Oligospermia (low sperm count) or Azoospermia (no sperm count)
  • Endometrial Damage, damage to the inner lining of the uterus where the embryo gets implanted
  • Reduced Ovum Capacity
  • Fertility Treatments Unresponsive for a period of greater than three years


Advanced IVF Techniques

Dr. Yogita parihar (INDIRA IVF HOSPITAL) defined “IVF Techniques are quite advanced these days due to the technological revolution and better medical care. Presently, more than ten advanced IVF Techniques are available in the nation as well as worldwide. For each and every cause, at least one IVF Technique is available. Here’s a list of advanced techniques for IVF along with the IVF success rate in India”.


Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

In order to increase the chances of conceiving, ICSI is the most preferred and reliable advanced technique for IVF. ICSI involves injection of sperm directly inside the egg of the mother to achieve fertilization outside the body. This advanced IVF Technique is ideal for the cases where the ideal fertilization environment is unavailable inside the mother.

According to the medical professionals, Success rate of IVF i.e. ICSI is quite high which makes it highly trusted and reliable.


Failure of development of the embryo is the major reason behind failure of conception. In order to monitor the development of growing embryo, this advanced IVF technique is suitable. With the help of an embryoscope, the doctors are able to observe the growth of an embryo. Also, ascertainment of the problems related to growing embryo is yet another reason to use this advanced IVF Technique.

Peri-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis

Along with the techniques for fertilization, there are also some advanced IVF techniques to judge the viability of the zygote or embryo formed. PGD is one such technique wherein some cells of the embryo are procured and analyzed. This analysis reveals any damage, anomaly or developmental threat to the embryo. PGD is an IVF Technique that elevates the success rate of IVF in India. Many highly reputed IVF Centers in the nation are using this technology to increase the success rate.

Electronic Witnessing

Another technique that ensures high success rate of IVF in India is Electronic Witnessing. With the help of this, the doctors are able to take care of the sperms, ovums as well as embryos. Equipped with the ‘track and trace’ system, this advanced IVF technique proves to be boon for both the patients as well as the doctors. Overall, the technique ensures that the treatment is fully safe, viable and successful.

Intra-Uterine Insemination

Amongst the list of advanced IVF Techniques, IUI is one of the most desired. The process involves direct injection of sperms inside the uterus of a female. Direct fertilization is the premier reason to undergo this procedure. If failure to inseminate sperm is the cause, doctors usually go for the IUI technique.

Donor Insemination

Along with the techniques to correct female infertility, there are others that take care of the male infertility. Donor insemination comes under the male infertility category. If the male is unable to ejaculate or is suffering from low sperm count, DI is the method to go for. Success rate of IVF in India i.e. DI is on the upper edge as it provides surety of fertilization.

Sperms from the donor are taken and fused with the viable egg of the mother. Following fertilization, the embryo is implanted inside the mother.


Just like the sperm donation, even the eggs are donated on a large scale. In case of female infertility i.e. failure to produced viable eggs, Egg donation is the method of choice. Along with this, higher maternal age can lead to depletion in the egg reservoir. The Success rate in India is satisfactory which makes the procedure a reliable one.


There are cases in which the female is able to produce viable eggs but unable to provide the optimum environment for embryo development. In such cases, employment of surrogacy or surrogate mother is advisable. Amongst the advanced IVF Techniques in India, Surrogacy is considered a trusted one. Development of the embryo as well as implantation is carried out in the surrogate mother.

Regular consultations with a psychologist to get rid of the mental conflicts are also an added benefit in this IVF Technique.

Assisted Zona Hatching (AZH)

IVF Success rate in India is continuously elevating due to regular advancements in the assisted reproductive technology. One such advancement is the IVF Technique Assisted Zona Hatching. It is performed right before the embryo is transferred in the uterus.

The zona pellucida layer of the egg is hatched, which makes the implantation process easier. Ideally, the process of zona hatching occurs inside the uterus. This increases the success rate of IVF along with a better nourishment of the embryo.

Utility of Advanced IVF Techniques

IVF Techniques in India is ever-advancing, which makes conception much easier. Broadly, IVF is a technique that corrects infertility. However, there are other uses of IVF that are very rarely thought of. Here are some uses of advanced IVF Techniques in India.

Pregnancy Over 40 years of Age

In Vitro Fertilization can be performed even beyond the age of 40 years. Almost every pregnancy is risky, but the risk increases once the couple crosses the age of 40 years. In such cases, IVF is the method of choice.

Pregnancy After Menopause

Advanced IVF techniques allow the females who have undergone menopause to conceive. Naturally, menopause acts as a barrier to further conception. But, with the assisted reproductive technologies, even older females are able to conceive.

Homosexual Couples

Earlier, in cases of same sex parents, the idea of conceiving used to be impossible. However, with the advanced IVF Techniques in India, even the homosexual couples can conceive and live a normal married life. LGBT couples have started using this technique in the past decade.

Success Rate of IVF

Although the utility of IVF is an extremely cherished one, but there are factors that might hinder the success of this technique. With the technological revolution, even the reproductive technologies have evolved. However, certain factors lead to a decline in the success rate of IVF in India.

  • Age, Younger women have a higher chance of successful IVF Treatment. As the age of the female increases, so does the failure rate of IVF.
  • Previous Pregnancy, if you have undergone previous pregnancy with the same partner using IVF Technique, the chances of success increase.
  • Fertility Issues, most of the IVF techniques revolve around ovulation. If you’re able to produce normal eggs, the chance of successful IVF ultimately increases.

Although IVF is a complicated procedure, around 2,00,000 babies have so far been born using this technique. The average success rate i.e. pregnancy rate is 30%. Out of this, the number of live births is accounted to be 22-23%. One of the major causes for decline in the success rate in India is the age of the female. Most of the females that go for an IVF technique are older than the normal conceivable age. Such factors ultimately decrease the success rate of IVF.

Overall, IVF techniques have transformed the lives of many couples into a happy one. In a country like India, such a technique is definitely an astonishing one. Annually, around 15% of all the infertile couples choose this technique and the number is increasing constantly.





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