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Indira IVF has world class doctors at every centre, In Shahdara Indira IVF centre skilled team of doctors help their patients by listening to their p roblem with patience, understand their reason of infertility and guide them in the best way possible because when a couple conceive, the happiness is felt equally on both the sides. Our core ethos at all the centres pan India is patient satisfaction and safety. Our mission is to provide standardised, high-quality fertility treatments in a cost-effective and transparent manner. ...Read More

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Facing difficulties in conceiving or complete inability to conceive is termed as infertility. So, how does one get diagnosed of infertility? In simple t erms, if a couple is infertile, they haven’t been able to get pregnant after a year or more of regular sexual intercourse without use of any birth control. If you are one of them, you should consider visiting our infertility centre in Shahdara.

Types of infertility Infertility diagnosis can be categorized into:

  • Primary infertility: This is when the couple or woman has never conceived a child before and is unable to get pregnant
  • Secondary infertility: With this type of infertility, the concerned woman has had a child in the past but is unable to conceive currently. This could happen because of a medical issue that might have impaired the fertility.
There are plenty of reasons why a couple could be infertile and you might not even realize until you actually try conceiving. At our IVF clinic in Shahdara, we perform the necessary diagnosis to determine the actual reason for your infertility. Based on that, you may decide to go for IVF treatment.

How do the hormones work?

There are five primary hormones on which the reproduction system of a woman depends: estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone. The hypothalamus, a region in the brain, firstly releases GnRH. After it is released, the luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone are produced by pituitary gland. These are the hormones that facilitate the release of estrogen and progesterone by the ovaries. There are around 200,000-400,000 egg follicles in the ovaries. Maturing and ripening of these follicles occurs because of follicle stimulating hormones. Apart from that, the hormone causes the production of estrogen in the ovaries, which itself results in luteinizing hormone release.

The ovulation process is stimulated by the luteinizing hormone, thus causing the release of an egg from largest follicle into fallopian tubes. It also helps in production of corpus luteum, a yellow tissue that produces progesterone. Both progesterone and estrogen work for preparing the uterus lining by thickening it and swelling with blood. This allows the implantation of the fertilized egg. All of this might sound confusing to you. It is better that you leave it to the IVF doctors in Shahdara to treat your infertility.

For men, the four primary hormones for the reproductive system are testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone and luteinizing hormone. Just as with women, the hypothalamus in the brain of men triggers production of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone by the pituitary gland. These are the two hormones responsible for releasing testosterone and regulating production of sperm, which takes place in the tests, inside the male scrotum.

What could be the cause of infertility? Both the man and the woman can be the reason behind the infertility of the couple. Abnormalities or issues in the man’s or woman’s reproductive system can cause infertility. Thankfully, there are options for infertility treatment in Shahdara for both men and women.

Around 15% of people around the world are infertile. This issue can be contributed by other problems that are related to their age, lifestyle or physical troubles. In around 20% of cases of infertility, there is a problem with the reproductive system of both the partners. Interestingly, in 10% of these cases, the exact cause of infertility is not even found out. With the remaining 70% cases, there is nearly an equal split between men and women as the primary cause.

Among the number of reasons why infertility could be cause, some are quite easy to fix, while others can be complicated. For instance, poor sexual habits or lifestyle issues can be easily rectified. Sometimes, the reason why you are unable to get pregnant is simply that you aren’t having enough sex. Even the use of lubricants can inhibit the survival of the sperm. If you figure out these basic issues, you might never even have to consider test tube baby treatment in Shahdara.

Even something like wearing tight underwear can be the cause of infertility in men. This is because wearing these increases the temperature around the crotch, which results in reduction of sperm count. Stress can be detrimental for fertility with both men and women. It can cause irregular menstrual cycle in women and could lower the sperm count in men.

With women, there are multiple possible causes of infertility, including PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). It is amongst the most common causes for infertility all across the world. With this condition, there is infection in a minimum of one reproductive organ, which is usually the pelvis. The ovaries, the cervix, the fallopian tubes or the uterus could also be infected. The condition is cause by the same bacteria type that causes STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

It is important to consult with fertility doctors in Shahdara to see if there is a serious condition like PID causing your infertility. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is another possible infertility cause among women. With this condition, there is an excess production of male hormones like testosterone in the body, which prevents production of eggs in the body, ultimately resulting in infertility.

Infertility and endometriosis are a common occurrence in women. With endometriosis, the vagina, fallopian tubes, ovaries or pelvis are scarred because of uterine lining implanting it. Apart from these, other infertility problems among women include STDS, like genital herpes, which are known to impact fertility. Hormonal problems, immunity issues, fibroids, poor cervical mucous quality, improper medications and surgical complications can also cause infertility in women.

It is advisable that both you and your partner visit our IVF hospital in Shahdara, so both of you can be diagnosed. With men, the probable causes of infertility are fewer. Some of these include, underdeveloped testes, certain medications, swollen veins in scrotum, testicular injury, exposure to certain metals, chronic infections to prostate and also infections like gonorrhea and tuberculosis. Autoimmunity is also one of the reasons. Another condition resulting in infertility is retrograde ejaculation, when the sperm isn’t forced out but travels back to the bladder instead.

Seeking help for infertility Couples who are having difficulties conceiving should seek medical help. To be more precise, if you have been trying to get pregnant for over a year but are failing to do so, there is likely something causing infertility. Since it concerns with something as sensitive as fertility, there is no point in delaying. Visit our fertility centre in Shahdara and seek the help of medical experts. Once the required tests are conducted, we can perform IVF treatment as well, if necessary.

If it is your first time visiting the doctor for fertility issues, it can be a bit uncomfortable for you. However, you should calm down and go ahead with the visit. The subsequent visits will surely not be that hard. Certain medical records might be required to test for infertility. The male should see a urologist and the female should consult a gynecologist. After thorough examination, the cause of infertility can be determined. Thereafter, the require procedure for treatment can be performed. Each situation is unique in itself and there could be any problem causing infertility in couples. As there are different reasons for infertility, the treatment also differs accordingly. In some cases, detecting infertility can be really hard and it can take some time to find the exact cause. There might even be unexplained infertility, for which a treatment like IVF is recommended. Our IVF specialist in Shahdara is the one who can help you if that is the case.

IVF is definitely an option Handling infertility can be overwhelming and trying at times. However, you should look to get the professional support you need to avail the right treatment. It is important that you get all the information necessary before taking any decision. If you have the right help in place, the process is much easier. When you are looking through the options to treat infertility, in vitro fertilization or IVF is certainly an option worth considering. There many couples who have availed the treatment and successfully achieved pregnancy through it. However, there are certain factors to consider, including the IVF cost in Shahdara. Also, you should know that it is an invasive procedure for treating infertility and it might not result in pregnancy at the first try itself. Contact us now to book an appointment with our IVF specialist.

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