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Best IVF Centre In Kalyan Nagar

Indira IVF chain is the pioneer in providing affordable yet creditable infertility services and personalized fertility treatments to the common people across 115+ advanced IVF centres for the first time in India. ...Read More

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Indira IVF Fertility Center - Kalyan Nagar

3rd Floor, Y4 Heights Building, Above Starbucks Coffee., 6th A Main Raod, Hrbr Layout-2nd Block, Kalyan Nagar, Near Hennur Cross, Banaswadi ,
Kalyan Nagar 560043 Karnataka India

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Indira IVF has world class doctors at every centre, In Kalyan Nagar Indira IVF centre skilled team of doctors help their patients by listening to the ir problem with patience, understand their reason of infertility and guide them in the best way possible because when a couple conceive, the happiness is felt equally on both the sides. Our core ethos at all the centres pan India is patient satisfaction and safety. Our mission is to provide standardised, high-quality fertility treatments in a cost-effective and transparent manner. ...Read More

Dr. Madhu Patil

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Kalyan Nagar

Dr. Swagata Mukherjee

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist

Kalyan Nagar

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From tests and scans to the entire treatment process, Indira IVF provides all fertility services under 1 roof and has the latest f acilities for your comfort and convenience. ...Read More

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With the opening of Kalyan Nagar centre, Karnataka owns its 8th Indira IVF clinic and India owns its 115+ Fertility centre.

Like all the other Indira IVF centres pan India, we are equipped with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Kalyan Nagar centre too. We cater for a host of infertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching, Cryopreservation, IUI, Blastocyst culture and transfer, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, donor programs etc.

Over the past few years, 1,25,000+ successful IVF cycles have been performed across 115+ IVF centres pan India with a record IVF success rate.

Let’s know how the process of IVF is carried out at Indira IVF Kalyan Nagar centre-


In opposition to In vivo fertilization or natural fertilization, in vitro fertilization is a technique of Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART).

IVF laboratory-

This technique aims to recreate the different stages of natural fertilization in the laboratory while maximizing the chances of fertilization and optimizing them. This implementation is carried out by a multidisciplinary team made up of gynaecologists, biologists, nurses, and psychologists.

Essentially, IVF consists of placing an oocyte and sperm in contact in a small container (a Petri dish) "in vitro" in the laboratory for fertilization.

The collection of semen is relatively straightforward. It is performed by masturbation in the laboratory for artificial insemination. The collection of oocytes is more complex because it requires a puncture of the ovaries. The gametes: oocytes and spermatozoa are then put into in vitro fertilization.

Once fertilization has occurred, the egg is allowed to divide in vitro for 2 to 5 days before being transferred to the woman's uterus where it will be implanted. To have several embryos at the same time, it is necessary to force nature since naturally; only one follicle matures in each cycle, so there is only one fertilizable oocyte. To obtain several oocytes during the same cycle, a hormonal treatment is used that stimulates the ovaries.

In vitro fertilization therefore involves several stages that must be well understood and the constraints of which must be accepted:

  1. Ovarian stimulation
  2. In order to obtain several oocytes, a hormonal treatment is administered, which aims to temporarily stop the control of the brain over the ovaries in order to be able to stimulate them directly and ensure the growth of several follicles, stated Dr. Madhu Patil (Centre Head, Indira IVF clinic in Kalyan Nagar).

  3. Monitoring of the ovaries
  4. During the IVF cycle, 2 or 3 vaginal ultrasounds are done to measure the response of the ovaries to hormone treatment. The follicles are counted and their diameter is measured. Their size should increase steadily until puncture, confirmed, Dr. Madhu Patil (Centre Head, Indira IVF centre in Kalyan Nagar).

  5. Collection and preparation of Semen
    The collection of semen is carried out on the morning of the puncture through masturbation in a sterile container, said Dr. Madhu Patil (Centre Head, Indira IVF, IVF treatment in Kalyan Nagar).

  6. The puncture of the oocytes
    About 35 hours after the onset of ovulation, the puncture takes place in an operating theatre under general or local anesthesia. The doctor punctures each follicle visualized on ultrasound using a suitable needle and aspirates the contents into a syringe, stated Dr. Madhu Patil (Centre Head, Indira IVF clinic in Kalyan Nagar).

  7. Fertilization
    Classic IVF–
    After preparation of the sperm and the oocytes, the spermatozoa (approximately 50,000) are put in direct contact with the oocyte in case of Classic IVF.

    Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)-
    A sperm is introduced using a micro pipette inside each oocyte in case of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF ICSI).

  8. Culture and choice of embryos
    The fertilized oocytes are cultured to obtain embryos, which are observed and selected for transfer, shared Dr. Madhu Patil (Centre Head, Indira IVF Test tube baby centre in Kalyan nagar)

  9. Embryo transfer
    After several days of development in an incubator (during which the embryos have been observed and recorded), some embryo (s) are transferred into the cervix via a catheter, explained Dr. Madhu Patil (Centre Head, Indira IVF IVF cost in Kalyan nagar).

  10. Pregnancy test
    In all cases, a blood sample is taken approximately 14 days after the embryo transfer. The test will help us know if there is a confirmed pregnancy or not.

    If you, your partner or anyone you know is suffering from infertility and searching for the best IVF doctor in Kalyan nagar or the best fertility clinic in Kalyan nagar, then visit our newly opened fertility clinic and get the right treatment for all your infertility problems.

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