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Best IVF Centre In Bikaner

Indira IVF chain is the pioneer in providing affordable yet creditable infertility services and personalized fertility treatments to the common people across 110+ advanced IVF centres for the first time in India. ...Read More

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Indira IVF Fertility Center - Bikaner

Marudhra Building INDIRA IVF, Third & fourth Floor, C-35. Sadualganj, Near Medical Circle,
Bikaner 334001 Rajasthan India

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Indira IVF has world class doctors at every centre, In Pune Indira IVF centre skilled team of doctors help their patients by listening to their probl em with patience, understand their reason of infertility and guide them in the best way possible because when a couple conceive, the happiness is felt equally on both the sides. Our core ethos at all the centres pan India is patient satisfaction and safety. Our mission is to provide standardised, high-quality fertility treatments in a cost-effective and transparent manner. ...Read More

Dr. Poonam Ramjag Verma

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist


Dr. Shaveta Aggarwal

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist


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From tests and scans to the entire treatment process, Indira IVF provides all fertility services under 1 roof and has the latest f e latest facilities for your comfort and convenience. ...Read More

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15 yrs after marriage this couple from Nanded got first time IVF success at Indira IVF Pune

6yrs after marriage this couple blessed with a baby from Indira IVF

20yrs after marriage this couple from Sangali is blessed with a baby from Indira IVF Pune

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Scientifically, every living organism survives because of its ability to reproduce. This rule applies to humans too. Along with another inclusion. When it comes to us, we are also an emotional and spiritual being. It has been witnessed that a human loves its offspring or child more than anything else. Perhaps, that’s the reason why ‘Childbirth’ or ‘Pregnancy’ is considered as an auspicious blessing.

Now, imagine the pain of a person if, for some reason, they are unable to experience the joy of being a parent. “Infertility” is the scientific term which means loss of the ability to reproduce.

“Infertility is a loss. It is the loss of a dream. A future different than hoped.”

Infertility Facts -

  • All over the world, more 48 million partners are affected by ‘Infertility’. This roughly amounts to 115% of the partners.
  • There is a huge misconception regarding infertility. Most people believed that it is only due to female partners.
  • Whereas, stats have shown that although fifty percent of the times, it is due to women.
  • 20-30 percent of the time, it is due to the male partner too.
  • The rest twenty-thirty percent occurred due to the combination of both of their issues.
Is it possible to Cure? Today, thankfully, Medical science has advanced and has found a lot of answers to questions that were previously incurable. Infertility is one of those questions. But before proceeding to address it, the doctor must carefully examine as to where does the issue lie? Whether it’s with the female partner as it happens in half of the cases, is it the male partner which occurs in a quarter of the cases or the last option which is due to both.

Doubts regarding Infertility and infertility treatment in Bikaner- Since infertility is quite a sensitive topic and many people are not aware of the procedure and steps, there are many questions that occur in the mind before and while visiting the doctor. Questions such as -

  • What are the various types of test for men and women regarding their fertility?
  • What are the costs of the test?
  • Distinct kinds of blood tests for fertility?
  • Will it be possible for females to have their fertility test at home?
  • Is there any IVF clinic in Bikaner?
And a lot more questions. All of the above questions and a lot more will be discussed briefly. First, let’s start with the most basic question, where should you go for the infertility treatment and what are your best options?

Best IVF Center in Bikaner- Indira IVF

With over 40+ years of experience and more 100,000+ successful IVF cycles, Indira IVF is one of the most trusted fertility hospitals in India. Indira IVF has a well-balanced of experienced and young fertility doctors in their team. For those residing in Bikaner, IVF Center in Bikaner is one of the highest rated fertility centers.

Coverage of Indira IVF - Apart from fertility centre in Bikaner, we have various IVF centers, IVF Hospitals and IVF Clinics located in 21 states including Punjab, UP, Maharashtra, Bihar, Delhi, West Bengal etc.

Now, why should you choose this IVF hospital in Bikaner? What is something that makes them different from others? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Indira IVF, Bikaner -

  • What are the different types of Fertility test for women?
The impact of infertility can be pretty serious for both the partners as it seriously changes a lot of things about the life one was planning about. But the thing about infertility is, it's not permanent. Several cases have come out which have proven that a woman who didn’t get pregnant in their 1st year have got expectant in the next year in a natural way

So rather than wasting fortunes and making panicked and hurried decisions, consult with the best IVF Specialist in Bikaner.

  • Expert Opinion
Rather than panicking or making rash decisions, the smartest way to deal with this situation is by visiting and consulting an expert. One must keep in mind to be very open when discussing your well-being with the IVF doctors in Bikaner.

It might be an awkward conversation but in order to find the right solution for the issue, the expert must know everything, only then can he give a proper solution which will actually improve your situation. Therefore, choose a suitable person for this since you can’t bear even a minor miss in your evaluation.

  • Expense on Fertility Tests Most partners or even individuals have another worry in common apart from the issue is the expense of the infertility treatment in cities like Bikaner, Kolkata, Delhi or Mumbai. One answer to that can be assumed by what questions you ‘ ll receive from the expert end before beginning the procedures. These questions can be the patient's usage of medical drugs, the subject’s clinical backgrounds, like any particular surgical procedures or incurable diseases. The patient's consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs, tobacco or even caffeinated drinks. The patient's intimate way, like how often one has sex, sexually transmitted diseases, any specific history of sexual issues and then, if or not any of them also have intercourse other than with their partner. If the patient is under the influence of any harmful substance, radiation etc.
The female convalescent's gynecologic history. The nature of contraception used. If or not the patient has attended a physician ahead for fertility problems.

Once the patient is carefully examined, the tests for infertility treatment begins.

  • Semen Evaluation and Blood Lab tests
Along with the blood test, other important tests such as thyroid hormones, degrees of fertile hormones, prolactin, and male hormones are also counted and verified, once the treatment begins. In female patients, the tests might also include a thorough check-up of the pelvic region to examine for gonorrhea, chlamydia or any bacterial infections. These, if present, can be very well responsible for causing the issue of infertility. For a more detailed evaluation, the blood test can be conducted around the patient's menstrual period.

In males, a precise semen evaluation is done to calculate motility, the quantity, and form of semen. All of these reports are verified by best fertility doctors in Bikaner so that each and every patient receives the best test tube baby treatment in Bikaner.

Indira IVF works extensively to make sure that its patients are given the best facilities they can get. That is why they don’t just stop at the basic tests but also offer other advanced examinations.

Some Advanced tests, including -

1. P-C exam:

Also known as the post-coital exam. Through microscopic examination, both the quality of the semen along with its interaction amidst the cervical excretion is assessed in this test.

2. BBT charting:

Here, to examine ovulation, the Physician starts charting your ongoing basal body temperature.

3. Hysterosalpingogram:

This test is also known as tubogram. It usually takes place between the sixth and the thirteenth day of the menstrual cycle. In this process, a liquified dye is passed inside the uterus through cervix or vagina and the X-rays of the Fallopian tubes are captured. This helps to examine whether there is a blockage as the dye won’t work in that case.

4. Trans-vaginal:

This test is usually carried out around fifteen days before the female partner’s anticipated menstrual cycle. The IVF specialist examines if the follicles in the ovaries are working properly or not.

5. Hysteroscopy:

This is the advancement of the HSG. If a problem is found in the previous test, small telescopic-kind apparatus is placed via cervix inside the uterus. This makes it possible to take a shot of area to explore the obstacles and allow the physician to have a clear observation on how to deal with it.

6. Laparoscopy: Anesthesia is used as this surgery is more obtrusive than the HSG. A tiny incision is done on the intestinal area and a laparoscope is placed to diagnose conditions such as scarring damage or as extreme as endometriosis, etc.

7. Endometrial biopsy:

This is a rather intensive and unpleasant process because of which painkillers are provided in advance. In this examination, the IVF specialist would consider a biopsy in the patient’s uterine interior lining to verify its functionality. A tiny specimen of film amidst a catheter is removed by a Physician during this process. To receive further details, the sample is studied in the laboratory.

It’s not that every patient has to go through all of the above examinations. The Physician will recommend the needed examination as per the patient’s need. Once the issue is known, the measurements can be taken to cure and finally give people the happiness they deserve. IVF cost in Bikaner may vary as per your condition, tests and medications required.

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