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What is IVF (Test Tube Baby) Process ?

Whenever couples are diagnosed with infertility and are advised to go through an IVF process by an IVF doctor or even from around the world. Their minds are filled with numerous queries like what is an IVF baby? Can somebody explain what is an IVF in Hindi is? What is an IVF success rate? What is an IVF treatment cost? Is IVF procedure painful? How does IVF work? Can someone explain the IVF process from start to finish? Hence the IVF specialist Dr. Akansha Jangid from the Indira IVF Kolkata and fertility center will answer all your queries in the given below article.



In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a procedure of insemination wherein an egg is blended with sperm outside the entire body, in vitro. The process entails tracking as well as invigorating a woman’s ovulatory system, taking out an ovum or even ova (egg or eggs) from the woman’s ovaries and then allowing sperm fertilize it in a fluid in a laboratory. After the fertilized egg (zygote) goes through embryo culture for 2–6 days, it will be embedded and in the same or perhaps yet another woman’s uterus, with the purpose of developing an active conception explained what is an IVF Treatment.

IVF is a type of aided reproductive technological innovation useful for infertility cure as well as gestational surrogacy. A fertilized egg could be deposited into a surrogate’s uterus, along with the resultant kid is genetically not connected to the surrogate. Some nations prohibited or else control the accessibility to IVF cure, allowing surge to fertility tourism. Limitations on the availability to IVF consist of expenses as well as age, to facilitate a lady to have a proper pregnancy to term. IVF is usually not employed until much less intrusive, or costly alternatives have been unsuccessful or already been established not likely to work cautioned the IVF specialist.


IVF can be carried out by accumulating the ingredients from a woman’s fallopian tubes or even uterus after organic ovulation, blending it with sperm, and then reinserting the fertilized ova into the uterus. Nevertheless, without additional procedures, the likelihood of conception will be incredibly limited. The supplementary methods which are regularly utilized in IVF consist of ovarian hyperstimulation to produce numerous eggs, ultrasound-guided transvaginal oocyte retrieval straight from the ovaries, co-incubation of eggs as well as sperm, and culture and even collection of ensuing embryos before embryo transfer into a uterus stipulated the IVF doctor.

Ovarian hyperstimulation

Ovarian hyperstimulation is the stimulus to bring about the progression of numerous follicles of the ovaries. It ought, to begin with, response foresight by, e.g. age group, antral follicle number as well as the amount of anti-Müllerian hormone. The resultant forecast of, e.g. weak or hyper-response to ovarian hyperstimulation establishes the method as well as the dose for ovarian hyperstimulationstated the IVF specialist from the Indira IVF and test tube baby treatment center.

Mild IVF is a technique wherein a modest dosage of ovarian stimulating medications can be used for a brief period throughout a woman’s organic cycle geared toward generating 2–7 eggs and then developing healthy embryos. This process seems to be an advance in the area to decrease problems as well as adverse reactions for ladies which is geared toward excellence, rather than the number of eggs as well as embryos. One particular research is comparing a mild therapy (mild ovarian stimulation with GnRH antagonist co-treatment coupled with single embryo transfer) to a natural cure (stimulus with a GnRH agonist long-protocol as well as the transfer of 2 embryos). It is arrived at the result that the ratios of cumulative pregnancies that led to term live birth after one year were 43.4% with mild cure as well as 44.7% with normal treatment. Mild IVF could be less expensive as compared to traditional IVF and also with an appreciably lowered possibility of numerous gestation as well as OHSS assured the IVF Procedure.

Last maturation inception

While the ovarian follicles have arrived at a particular level of growth, the inception of concluding oocyte maturation is carried out, usually by an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Often, it is referred to as the trigger injection hCG works as an analog of a luteinizing hormone, and then ovulation will happen between 38 and forty hrs. After just one HCG shot,yet the egg retrieval is conducted at any given time commonly between 34 and 36 hours, After HCG shot, which is, well before the follicles will break. It avails for arranging the egg retrieval process during the time wherein the eggs develop entirely fully. HCG shot confers a threat of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Utilizing a GnRH agonist rather than hCG removes many of the chance of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, however with a lower delivery rate when the embryos are transmitted fresh. For that reason, numerous medical centers would deep freeze all oocytes or even embryos following agonist trigger reasoned the IVF specialist.

Egg retrieval

The eggs are retrieved from the patient utilizing a transvaginal procedure referred to as transvaginal oocyte retrieval, including an ultrasound-guided needle piercing the vaginal walls to arrive at the ovaries. During this needle follicles may be aspirated, along with the follicular fluids is transferred to an embryologist to distinguish ova. It is prevalent to take out between 10 and also 30 eggs. The retrieval process often takes between twenty as well as forty mins, based on the number of mature follicles, which is usually carried out under conscious sedation or even general anesthesia educated the IVF Clinics.

Egg as well as sperm planning

In the laboratory, the diagnosed eggs are stripped of encircling cellular material and then well prepared for fertilization. An oocyte option could be carried out just before impregnation to choose eggs with the best odds of adequate conception. Meanwhile, semen is prepared for fertilization removing dormant cellular material and also seminal fluids in a procedure known as sperm cleaning. When sperm donor supplies semen, it would generally have already been well prepared for a cure before becoming frozen and then quarantined also it is going to be thawed ready for use stated the Best IVF specialist.


The sperm along with the egg is incubated collectively at a ratio of around 100000:1 in a culture medium to ensure that the real fertilization to happen. An assessment in 2013 arrived at the result that a period of this co-incubation of around one to four hours leads to considerably increased maternity rates than sixteen to twenty-four hours. Usually, the egg is going to be fertilized all through co-incubation but will display two pronuclei. In some circumstances, like lower sperm number or motility, just one sperm can be infused straight into the egg employing intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The fertilized egg is transferred to a particular growth media and then left for around 48 hours until the egg comprises of 6 to 8 cells informed the IVF doctor from the Indira IVF.

Embryo culture

The most critical periods of embryo culture are until the cleavage phase (day 2 to 4 after co-incubation) or even the blastocyst phase (day 5 or 6 after co-incubation). Embryo culture until the blastocyst phase confers an essential rise in live birth rate per embryo transfer, but even confers a reduced quantity of embryos designed for removal and also embryo cryopreservation, therefore the cumulative medical conception rates are improved with cleavage phase transfer. Transmission day two rather than day three after fertilization does not have any variations in live birth rate. One can find considerably increased possibilities of preterm birth (probability ratio 1:3) and also congenital anomalies (probability ratio 1:3) among births bearing from embryos cultured until the blastocyst phase as compared to cleavage stage the test tube baby treatment center.

Embryo assortment

Laboratories possess established grading techniques to judge oocyte and also embryo quality. To maximize conception rates, you can find much proof that a morphological scoring technique is a perfect technique for the choice of embryos. From 2009 wherein the first time-lapse microscopy process for IVF was validated for medical use,morphokinetic scoring techniques have shown to enhance to conception rates more. Nevertheless, whenever many different kinds of time-lapse embryo imaging products, with or without morphokinetic scoring techniques, are checked against traditional embryo evaluation for IVF, there is undoubtedly inadequate proof of a distinction in live-birth, conception, stillbirth or miscarriage to select between them the IVF doctor from the infertility treatment center.

Embryo transfer

The quantity to be transmitted depends upon the amount readily available, the age group of the lady as well as other well-being and also diagnostic elements. In nations like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and even New Zealand, an optimum of 2 embryos is transmitted except for in different situations. In the united kingdom and also based on HFEA stipulations, a lady over forty might have as much as three embryos transferred, while in the United States, there is no legal restriction on the number of embryos which might be transmitted, even though healthcare groups have offered practice recommendations. Many treatment centers, as well as national regulatory systems, attempt to reduce the threat of many pregnancies since it is not unusual for many embryos to embed when many embryos are transmitted. Embryos are sent to the patient’s uterus by a thin, plastic catheter, which passes through her vagina as well as the cervix. Many embryos can be transferred into the uterus to enhance odds of implantation, as well as maternity, assured Indira IVF hospital.

Success rates

IVF success rates are the part of most IVF processes that lead to excellent outcomes. Based on the method of estimation utilized, this result might signify the number of established pregnancies, known as the maternity rate, or the number of live births referred to as the live birth rate. The achievement rate depends upon light elements like maternal age, the reason for infertility, embryo level, historical reproductive past, and also lifestyle elements. As a result of developments in reproductive technology, IVF success rates are significantly higher these days as compared to these were just a couple of years ago concluded the IVF Treatment cost.


The successful birth of Louise Brown in the year 1978 through the IVF process led to a revolution in medical science. Since then IVF has come a long way, and it has provided hope to millions of couples who are unable to conceive naturally. The above article covers, in brief, this innovative miracle of medical science.





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