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Best IVF Centre In Kolhapur

Indira IVF centre in Kolhapur is one of the best fertility hospitals in the state of Maharashtra, which provides advanced ART treatments to infertile couples at affordable costs. Indira IVF is India’s largest chain of fertility experts with more than 115 centres pan-India, 250+ IVF doctors, trained clinical staff, highly-qualified non-clinical professionals and more. With the care and expertise of our fertility specialists, we have helped 1,25,000+ couples fulfil their dream of parenthood and have an IVF success rate of 74%*. Couples facing fertility problems can easily take treatment at our centre in Kolhapur due to our additional facilities like zero-cost EMI options and free consultation services. Book your appointment today. Call: 18003092323. ...Read More

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Indira IVF Fertility Center - Kolhapur

1st Floor, TATHASTU CORNER, Office Nos. 5 to 11, 1115 B/1, Opp. Shahupuri Raja Rampur Corner, E Ward Railway Crossing, 5 Bungalow Chowk ,
Kolhapur 416001 Maharashtra India

Doctors in our clinic (3)

Indira IVF has world class doctors at every centre, In Kolhapur Indira IVF centre skilled team of doctors help their patients by listening to their p roblem with patience, understand their reason of infertility and guide them in the best way possible because when a couple conceive, the happiness is felt equally on both the sides. Our core ethos at all the centres pan India is patient satisfaction and safety. Our mission is to provide standardised, high-quality fertility treatments in a cost-effective and transparent manner. ...Read More

Dr. Santosh Daphale

Chief Infertility & IVF Specialist


Dr. Rahul Salunkhe

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist


Dr. Vikram Satarkar

Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist


Inside the clinic

From tests and scans to the entire treatment process, Indira IVF provides all fertility services under 1 roof and has the latest f acilities for your comfort and convenience. ...Read More

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Real people stories

15 yrs after marriage this couple from Nanded got first time IVF success at Indira IVF Pune

6 yrs after marriage this couple is blessed with a baby from Indira IVF

20yrs after marriage this couple from Sangali is blessed with a baby from Indira IVF Pune

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About the Best IVF Center in Kolhapur

Indira IVF centre in Kolhapur offers   you the best fertility solutions and affordable treatment plans. Our diverse team of gynaecologists, embryologists, lab technicians, and others provide comprehensive care to those who are facing a delay in getting pregnant. We use state-of-the-art technology at our IVF hospital in Kolhapur that is at par with global standards. If you and your partner are unable to conceive even after trying for a year or more, then undergo an infertility check-up at Indira IVF. Doctors at Indira IVF will help to diagnose your problem correctly and give you the best fertility solution.

Why Choose Indira IVF Center in Kolhapur

Our Kolhapur IVF centre provides end-to-end services to all its patients to make their treatment process very easy and comfortable. Our laboratories and working chambers use advanced types of equipment that provide comprehensive care and minimise the scope for human error. For a high-success IVF (test tube baby procedure), ICSI, or IUI treatment we use:

  • World-class labs
  • Closed working chambers technology.
  • Electronic witnessing system
  • 24*7 monitoring system
  • Non-invasive pre-implantation genetic testing
  • Microfluidic sperm sorter technique
  • Advanced incubator
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Infertility Treatment at Indira IVF Clinic in Kolhapur

With medical advancement and innovative technologies, infertility treatments at Indira IVF centre in Kolhapur have become very easy and comfortable for patients. If you are looking for the best IVF hospital in Kolhapur, then visit our clinic. We have more than 40 years of experience in treating infertile couples with a 74%* high success rate. Indira IVF has some of the top fertility specialists in the country who give personalised suggestions and patient-centric treatment plans to improve the fertility rate.

Some of the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) methods performed at our fertility hospital in Kolhapur include -

  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
  • Laser Assisted Hatching
  • Blastocyst Culture and Embryo Transfer
  • Laparoscopy
  • Hysteroscopy Surgery

Other facilities offered at our centre include:

Success Rates of Indira IVF Centre in Kolhapur

Indira IVF has made the parenthood dreams of 1,25,000+ couples with infertility come true. Our ART procedures are extremely cost-friendly with easy EMI options to help a maximum number of patients. But, it is important for couples facing infertility to know that their chances of success through fertility treatment are highly dependent on several factors like age, medical conditions, lifestyle, general health, etc. Hence, they must not delay their treatment and visit our IVF clinic at the earliest. Book an appointment with our top IVF doctors today. Call: 18003092323.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does fertilisation happen in an IVF procedure?

In an IVF procedure, fertilisation is done in a laboratory with a highly controlled environment. The collected sperm and egg are placed in an artificial set-up for the mix-up or are fertilised through an ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

2. Is IVF painful?

IVF is not very painful for most women. You may feel some discomfort while taking medications or after an embryo transfer. But for crucial procedures like egg retrieval, the patient is put under sedation.

3. How to avoid twin pregnancies during an IVF?

If you are undergoing an IVF procedure but want to avoid having twin pregnancies, then you can discuss the same with your doctor and opt for a single embryo transfer procedure. With this, patient’s possibility of conceiving twins can be eliminated.

4. Is IVF affordable?

IVF treatment cost at our centre in Kolhapur is very affordable. Patients get several financial assistance such as easy zero-cost EMI options as well as free consultation services on booking an appointment.

Get the timely care and support that you need on your parenthood journey with Indira IVF. Call: 18003092323.

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